The Ultimate 10 Minutes Cabinet Makeover Tips

Where Did I Get This Genius Idea?

My idea came from the dark cabinets in my rental home. I survive looking at them for years. Then came this idea that will that’ll change those ugly cabinets in my kitchen into the most gorgeous ones I’ve ever seen. These are my kitchen cabinets before the makeover. Not so pretty are they?

Why Change the Color of Your Cabinets with Wallpaper

well let’s all face the facts, most of us are not satisfied with the color of our cabinets but not to worry this can be fixed with a few dollars. Actually, less than a hundred bucks can give you brand-new-looking cabinets.



Believe it or not, the color of your cabinet plays a big role in your kitchen or bathroom’s appearance. If your home has fewer windows then dark cabinets will make your home extremely dark. Changing the color to a lighter shade will make a big difference. For lighter-lighted kitchens, darker cabinets will work. With just a color change old and ugly cabinets can be beautiful.


Why Wallpaper?

Using wallpaper instead of paint is the next big thing. To think of it, painting is far too expensive and time-consuming to do. Wallpapers are so easy to apply that even a child can do it. The other good thing is this with the right wallpaper, your ugly cabinets even if not so ugly can be restored at a very low cost.


Change the Color Every Season

Wallpapers can be used to change the colors of your cabinets for every season of the year. By doing this you are giving your home a major makeover with just pennies.


Advantages of Using Wallpaper


1 Hide scratches

2 Cover discoloration

3 Can give you the colors and patterns you like

4 Fast and easy to apply

5 Safe for renters

6 Cheap

Will the Wallpaper Damage the Cabinet?


Safety Tips: Using Wallpaper on Cabinets


It may, as well, as it may not here is why. There are different types of wallpaper some are removable while some are forever. For kitchen cabinets, it’s best to use the removable stick-and-peel vintage wallpaper. These are also called renters wallpaper because it leaves no trace. Using the unremovable wallpaper could damage the surface of the cabinet by removing the varnish or paint. This type of wallpaper requires water to remove safely.

This is the wallpaper I used because it matches some of my kitchen appliances and it is just beautiful. The link is just above if you like it too.


The Ultimate 10 Minutes Cabinet Makeover



You’ll Need:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Inch measure
  • Pencil
  • Wallpaper
  • Flat surface for cutting


Step 1. Measure the size of each cabinet door

Step 2. Cut the wallpaper to the size of the cabinet doors

Step 3. Clean the cabinet doors with dish soap and water

Step 4. Dry well with a paper towel

Step 4. Start at the top of the door by holding the wallpaper at the edge and slowly peeling downwards. While peeling use on hand to smooth out using a small towel. Continue until all the pieces of wallpaper are applied.

Step 6. Give a final rub with the cloth to make sure there are no creases visible.

Step 7. Step back and give yourself a thumbs up.






Total Cost….$42.00 for my wallpapers


How Do I know The Size of Wallpaper to Buy?

Wallpapers or measured in inches or feet. Before buying make sure to measure your cabinets to see how much you’ll be needing


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