Everyone these days has a diet plan. Eating the right way has become the main headline. If you are planning a diet having the right fruits on that plan will benefit you in your results.




Here you will find  15 amazing fruits that will give you the kick start you need for your fitness plan.



 PLEASE NOTE:  These fruits listed in this article are not to cure or diagnose any medical conditions.






Bananas are a highly recommended source of Vitamin C. The manganese in bananas is perfect for healthy skin.



If you are looking for a potassium source having a banana will do that. This also aids in heart health, therefore, balancing blood pressure levels.






Coconuts are amazing not only in taste but in nutrients. A coconut contains manganese which is excellent for strong bones.



Coconuts are great at balancing cholesterol, proteins too, and if you are looking for an energy boost, eating a coconut or drinking the liquid from the nut will give you all the carbohydrates you need.



Coconut also has its wealth in iron and copper which is needed for a balanced diet. These amazing fruits can be found in most local supermarkets.






Despite their sweetness pineapples are low in calories and highly rich in enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants. Having a slice of pineapple every day may boost the immune system, aids in digestion and contributes to strong healthy bones.






This fruit is a star. Love by most people avocado is a must-have on your diet plan. Here is a list of all the nutrients in an avocado.


*Vitamin C




*Vitamin B6


*Vitamin B5


*Vitamin B3


*Vitamin B2 






Go ahead and enjoy that bowl of guacamole.






A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice is a great way to start your day. Oranges should always be in your fruit bowl because of their high nutritional benefits.



Oranges are great to consume has the nutrients it contains aids in cholesterol, blood sugar, keeps your skin glowing, and rich with Vitamin C.






If you are on a low-calorie diet then these are the right fruits to have. Strawberries are high in antioxidants. They are cholesterol-free, fat-free, and sodium-free. These fruits can be a tasty treat and will be a good idea to add to your list.






These tasty thirst-quenching fruits are great for your diet plan. Because of their anti-inflammatory properties, these are a good source for weight loss plans.






Peaches are packed with Antioxidants. They are a good source of minerals, vitamins, and plant compounds. Having a peach every day can surely keep the doctor away as it is good for general health.






You can never go wrong with lemons. As we all know lemons are high in vitamin C. They are highly recommended for weight loss. Adding lemons to a diet plan, and aids indigestion.



Lemons are great for organ health and will leave your breath smelling fresh. They make a refreshing beverage and are used to garnish salads. You can use a lemon any way you chose.






These fruits are just amazing. As a child, I hated the smell and even the look of papaya. Now having a papaya every day has made my life so much better.



A great Anti-aging source aids in digestion, boost immunity, works on your weight, and many other factors.






The first time I was introduced to this fruit I was taken away. The taste was like a combination of mangoes, papaya, and plums. It was very tasty so this made me found out more about its benefits.



Persimmons are rich in Vitamin C and A, potassium, Vitamin B6, and manganese. You can have all you need as it is low in fat, the carbohydrate is healthy, and the sugar is natural.





This little berry is rich in vitamins that support the immune system, three of these are Vitamin A and C the other is folate.






Tamarind is not friendly to the taste buds but the health properties of tamarind are worth sacrificing your taste buds for. Eating tamarind will aid in heart health, blood sugar, and weight loss.



It is packed with antioxidants and inflammatory properties that are excellent for general healthcare.






Have you ever had a fruit that covers everything? The Yuzu similar to orange is a good source of healthy nutrients that can benefit your overall health. Consuming this super fruit is a good way to start your plan.






The soursop is exactly as its name suggests. It is sour to the taste but is rich in Antioxidants and great for inflammations. This fruit can be juiced or eaten directly.



In the olden days, folk would boil the skin from the bark as a tea and drink it for iron and nerves. Hmm, interesting.



We hope that you find these tips helpful for your diet plan. Enjoy, see you soon.