Two Easy Ways To Clean Magnetic Lashes

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How To Clean Magnetic Lashes

With the news and media telling everyone to stay home. Life still goes on and that’s where your make-up comes in. We still need to keep appearances. One way to do this is with magnetic lashes. You can still keep wearing your eyelashes without buying new ones or going out to see the pros. This post tells you how to clean magnetic lashes with secret tips on how to care for your magnetic lashes.


How To Clean Magnetic Eyelashes

cleaning magnetic lashes
How to clean magnetic lashes

These easy tips will help you to clean and maintain your magnetic lashes.  You’ll find that your eyelashes whether moxie or tori belle lashes can last a long time with proper care. Not only will they last but the effect it gives to your eyes will not fade.

What You’ll Need:

Before you begin you should have all these items in place. The secret to keeping your eyelashes clean is to clean them with the correct cleaners.

  • tweezer
  • Q tip
  • rubbing alcohol
  • make-up remover-no heavy oils

Once you have all these products you’re ready to begin…

1. Wash Your Hands

First, wash your hands. Washing your hands will remove any bacteria from transferring to your eyes. Keep in mind that the eyes are delicate organs so precautions should be taken when removing and cleaning eyelashes.


2. Removing The Lashes

The next thing to do is to slowly and carefully remove the eyelashes. To do this, carefully pull away the lash from the eyeliner. The easiest way to do this is to grab hold of the band (not the lashes) as this could be a bit painful. Continue by slowly releasing the lash at the same time being careful not to damage the lash.


3. Cleaning Magnetic Lashes

Now that you have removed the eyelashes it’s time to begin cleaning. Before you re-apply any false lashes they should be properly cleaned to remove built-up residues. Obviously, a clean eyelash looks way better than a cloggy and dirty one.

 The Instructions:

Stick the Q tip into the make-up remover. Secondly, gently slide the Q tip on the magnetic eyelashes. What you’re doing here is removing make-up powders, and eyeliner residue. Be very gentle with this process as too much pressure can change the structure of the magnetic lashes.


Recommended Oil-Free Make-Up Removers:


4. Cleaning The Magnets

For best results, the magnets must be cleaned. Cleaning the magnets will remove the eyeliner so that when you apply them they will fit perfectly.

For this process, you’ll need rubbing alcohol (90%). Dab another Q tip into the rubbing alcohol and gently rub it on the strip of the eyelash where the magnets are. Ensure that no trace of the eyeliner is visible when you’re through. Take your time as you don’t want to scratch that area. Scratching the magnets can make them lose their effectiveness and may fall off easily.

5. Drying Magnetic Lashes

Before applying the cleaned lashes make sure they are dried properly. You can do this by allowing them to air dry or placing them on a clean dry towel. Next, put them away for safekeeping.


How To Clean Magnetic Lashes With Make-Up Remover

Here is another super-easy way to clean magnetic lashes. Here is what you’ll need to have…

  • eyelash comb
  • tweezer
  • container
  • make-up remover/ oil-free
  • paper towel

Start by once again cleansing your hands before removing the magnetic eyelashes

  1. Remove the lashes by slowly pulling them off starting at the ends
  2. Place the eyelashes in a clean container
  3. Pour the make-up remover on the lashes making sure it is fully submerged. The purpose of the make-up remover is to remove the eyeliner and make-up from the lashes. So pay close attention to this process.

1. Time Is Important

For best results only soak the magnetic lashes for five minutes (5 min). Oversoaking can ruin the lashes. When it’s through soaking use a tweezer to carefully remove the lashes from the container. Have a sheet of paper towel at hand to place them on. This will absorb the remaining make-up remover.

2. Check The Magnetic Lashes For Stucked Eyeliner Residue

After soaking excess eyeliner residue may still be stuck to the lashes and the magnets. You can easily remove this by using a tweezer. Simply hold the tweezer between your forefinger and thumb or simply use any finger that’s more comfortable.

Now,  carefully tweeze the eyeliner residue from the strip, hair, and magnet. You might want to hold the lashes closer to your face. This will help you to better see what you’re doing.

3. Rinsing The Magnetic Lashes

Instead of using water to rinse the lashes use the make-up remover. Using the same container,  clean it by rising it well then again place the lashes into it. They will not need to be soaked at this point. Use the tweezer to hold and swish around the magnetic lashes in the solution while constantly flipping them from side to side.

4. Drying

Finally, you’ve accomplished cleaning your magnetic lashes. Now they need to be dried. Here is something to always remember, if you install a wet magnetic lash it may not hold and will fall off at the most inconvenient place oops!

Drying the eyelashes are simple. After cleaning is complete place them on a sheet of paper towel or in an open airy area for drying. Drying time depends on the amount of air the lashes get. When the magnetic lashes are fully dried use the eyelash comb to comb through the hair making sure it’s back to its former luster.


How To Clean Magnetic Lashes Without Make-up Remover

Cleaning Magnetic lashes without make-up remover requires the use of rubbing alcohol. Simply wet a Q tip with the 90% rubbing alcohol then wipe on the strip. This should remove any build-up residues.


Can You Wash Magnetic Eyelashes

Can you wash magnetic eyelashes? Yes, magnetic eyelashes should be washed/cleaned each time you remove them. If magnetic eyelashes are not cleaned often they won’t hold to the eyeliner as make-up residue and dirt will get in the way. When washing your magnetic eyelashes use an oil-free make-up remover to remove excess dirt and eyeliner from the hair and magnets.


How To Store And Care For Your Magnetic Lashes

Here are a few tips on storing and caring for your magnetic lashes. Storing is just as important as cleaning magnetic lashes. Your lashes should be stored in a clean container to prevent dirt and bacteria from accessing them. Not only will this keep the magnetic lashes clean. but it’ll keep them in their regular shape.

The best way to clean magnetic lashes
How to clean your magnetic lashes

Check Out These Tips

  • Store your magnetic lashes In the box they came in for shape maintenance and safety.
  • Excess light or direct sunlight can change the color of the eyelashes.
  • Do not store in areas with moisture.
  • A dark room is ideal for storing magnetic lashes.
  • Make sure the magnetic lashes are dry before storing them.
  • An Addictalash Eyeliner is best for installing magnetic eyelashes. It will hold the lashes in place for longer and also allow easy removal of the lashes.
  • Oil-based make-up remover could ruin false lashes
  • Clean your magnetic lashes after removing them and place them in their box so they are always ready to wear.
  • Use an Eyelash Curler to rejuvenate its curly look.


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